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I have someone on my mind, will we be together? How to make evolve complicated relationship with my partner? Will I get married to my present partner? Is my present partner the right person for me? I am satisfied with my love life. I have read and agreed the Terms, Conditions and Privacy policy of this offer. You may unsubscribe quickly and simply at any time using the link provided with each and every weekly horoscope.

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Astrological Transits. And of course she never replied. I sent her over ten emails asking for refund, but no answer. It's so funny that how before she charges your account , she tells you if you have any questions to email her and add her email into your add list so she can return your mails back.

But after she collects your payment, she never gets back to you. Everyone please be carful of astromary. She's a con artist and a thief!!! Hey guys! I was about to buy her reading, but after she didn't answer any of my emails, I read the terms and conditions. It's written clearly that she is a fictional character, it's all done by a computer program She delivered the report online but the astrological calculations she made to produce the report are wrong.

For example, she bases her report on my moon in Libra. That is not correct!!!! I send her specific date, place and time of birth. She did not produce a correct chart or reading.. She refuses to correct the information and send me a revised report. A friend and I both did this he did his several weeks after I did mine, and we shared the links and our readings were identical the only difference was our names and birthdates. I cannot find any contact info. While I appreciate the reading I received, it told me nothing different that I already knew, nor did it guide me as promised in your emails and in my order.

I would like to have my money refunded.

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Yes, maybe it is but I did not receive the "goods" and services as promised. I have worked with otheOther astrologers offer a money back guarantee. I have asked for a refund since Jan. While I appreciate the one reading I received, it told me nothing different that I already knew, nor did it guide me as promised in your emails and in my order. I cannot read the link provided, I only read a general not detailed report with the help I was told I'd receive. However, I did not receive.

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I have worked with other astrology sites in the past and if I weren't happy with the services, they all offer a money back guarantee. I have never had a problem with anyone else in the past and I thought Mary Astrology had a good reputation. Most of the day's readings are copied and pasted over and over again the same exact readings repeated daily.

I sent emails and no response ever. Save your money and aggravation. Mary I didn't get any mail for 5 days pls sent my details what's going on next months pls sent my details to my mail id. Astromary is fake n u can get an idea about it from ur very 1st reading. First of all she keeps repeating the same things over n over again Who does not have problems in life?? Who's life does not encounter changes???

Mine does almost everyday..

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So ways new in that?? Her way of talking is another sign This personal touch will obviously induse u to spend ur money. So, its just a piece of advice that do go for her personal guidance or pay anything Thank you so much for having guided me and supported me to the right path.

Your genuineness and honesty are seen through your emails. You are the best. I sent her a mail w're am for her reply,at first she gave fluse infomation. U sent me an email that after 6 months i. Please I request you to tell me now how my life will be at that time. Another thing i want to unsubscribe from astromary please do it for me so that I stop being a member. I believe in stating the facts as they are. The first reading that I requested from her was bang on target, where in she ventured to to tell me about myself. Following that she told me about some of the forthcoming events that I may be go through in future.

Her readings always mentioned that I was suppose to make a payment for further detailed analysis but I never followed on. I was always surprised when in the upcoming months, she regularly emailed me, and her readings as always were quite specific about my nature. I used to think how could someone sitting in a foreign land, could grasp the details as minute as that. Up until recently, I hadn't made up my mind to pay her, up until recently, so i thought of emailing her once and following on my thought after that.

But since then I haven't heard from her. Well that was my case, I am disappointed, as I would have loved to have had a correspondence with her and take it forward. So con artist, well I do not know about that but she did put in her time and effort , or the computer did as per one of the reviews on this page, that suggest that Mary is a fictional character.

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I kept receiving emails from her. Sounded legit. I spent For this which I really didn't have. Said I would receive a response in days. I haven't received anything but they sure took the money.