16 january horoscope gemini or gemini

Some of the things for which you have been waiting for a long time are likely to come to fruition today.

Gemini Snake 12222

Some of your efforts which you thought have been wasted will finally be successful. So, celebrate tonight with family and friends and even they may have good news to share.

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You are pretty charged today. Divert the excess energy in keeping yourself fit and fine.

Gemini Today

Devise a strategy for proper exercise on a regular basis. Make a point to commit yourself to it. You cannot afford to compromise with your health so check your tendency of drifting away from routine tasks. Today marks the beginning of a new period of understanding and adjustment between you and your partner. You absorb the feelings of others and are quite sensitive yourself. You have a hard time trusting people, so you encourage others to talk about themselves or engage in lighthearted conversation to avoid talking about your own inner issues.

You may want to handle your problems independently, but you're most happy when you have a lover to lean on. The people around you care about you and are more supportive than you think, so don't be afraid to let things out! It's the only way to find the emotional balance you need to live a truly happy and fulfilled life. Fun, flirty, curious, intellectual, affectionate, devoted, sensitive, inspirational.

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  6. You're an upbeat individual who can put a positive spin on practically anything, no matter how heavy life gets. You have a fun, fresh way of socializing and love to dive into witty conversations and lively debates. Your gentle, caring demeanor allows you to be a comforter and advisor to friends and family, enriching your closest relationships with endless love and nurturing.

    Gemini Health & Wellness Horoscope

    You love talking with others about their feelings and helping them through their emotional difficulties, but do you ever take your own advice? You keep your own needs and desires very guarded and aren't keen on expressing yourself as often as you encourage others to.

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    8. This emotional blockage can make you moody and overly sensitive. It can affect your relationships and prevents you from achieving the things you really want in life. On top of that, there are also do's and don'ts for today.

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